Learn More About Plumb Fit

Have a question? We have the answer! Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information.

Is there a fee to come out and inspect my plumbing?

We do our best to provide you with affordable plumbing. This means that all estimates and inspections done through Plumb Fit are free with absolutely no additional fees. We hope to hear from you soon!

Do you offer and install tankless water heaters as an option?

Absolutely! We work with a number of manufacturers providing both conventional and tankless options. Call today to receive high-quality, affordable plumbing with a water heater that is built to last.

Why should I call a professional plumber instead of doing it myself?

If the work gets done incorrectly, the overall cost can be exponentially more than hiring a professional plumber from the start. We have the tools and experience to offer you anything from toilet repair to repiping. Save yourself time and stress by contacting us today.

Is it a big deal if my toilet is running?

Yes, it is. Depending on where it is leaking, it can cause structural damage under the toilet. An average running toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water a day and can drive up your water bills massively. If you think you need toilet repair, we’ll give you a free estimate.

How long does a water heater last?

This is dependent, but a typical water heater is built to last you about 6-12 years. If you are looking to replace yours, we provide affordable plumbing and sell, repair, and install electric water heaters, gas water heaters, and tankless water heaters.

What causes low water pressure and what can I do about it?

Low water pressure can be caused by aging pipes that are deteriorating. After looking into your affordable plumbing options, you can either decide to have that section of your piping repaired or have a full pipe replacement.

If I have to replace my water service, will my yard be torn up?

Nope! We are able to install your new water lines without tearing up your yard or the landscaping you’ve worked so hard on. This affordable plumbing option is best if you have recurring pipe leaks, rust or mineral buildup in your water, low water pressure, or signs of corrosion.

What causes my faucet to drip?

It could be caused by debris in your line, the cartridges/washers are worn out, or too much water pressure coming into your house. These same causes could cause you to need toilet repair. Call our professionals to help troubleshoot your faucet.

How do I un-jam my garbage disposal?

All garbage disposals come with a wrench that can be inserted into the bottom of your disposal. When turned, it can help unjam the disposal. This means you don’t need to call us for affordable plumbing every time the disposal is jammed.

Why does my shower or tub get clogged?

The majority of the time, it can be clogged by hair. This can be cleared using a zip-it, which is an affordable plumbing tool that can be purchased at most hardware stores.