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Repiping Specialists for the Auburn Community


Did you know that the lifespan of plumbing varies greatly because many different types of materials have been used for water supply pipes? However, between the 1900s and the 1980s, galvanized metal piping was primarily used for residential plumbing. Auburn homeowners may want to know that the average life expectancy of this common piping is 40-50 years.

As repiping specialists, we completely understand that repiping a house is a big undertaking for Auburn residents. Just because your home is older doesn't mean that plumbing repiping is mandatory. Here are a few telltale signs to watch for:

  • Water doesn't taste or smell right
  • Noise coming from the pipes
  • Water output is discolored
  • Water pressure has significantly dropped

Although these issues may be a direct result of other plumbing problems, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of our free consultation to determine if repipe and plumbing services are needed.

When is Repiping a House the Best Course of Action?


If your Auburn home is experiencing any of the above issues, it's time to call in the pros at Plumb Fit. We are licensed and bonded repiping professionals who know that older pipes can pose a health risk. This is because they can leach lead and other harmful metals from the corroded pipes into your water supply.

We believe the best material to repipe a house is PEX type A or copper. Both of these products offer many benefits to the homeowner, and we have the experience, skill, proper tools, and equipment to complete a full or partial repiping project. Consider the advantages of repiping a house:

  • No more rust with PEX repiping
  • Increase in water pressure
  • A decrease in pipe leaks
  • Cost-effective when compared to water damage repair
  • Improves efficiencies of appliances

If you are thinking about repiping a house in the Auburn area, we are the ones to call! 800-697-7857

Auburn Plumbing Repiping - Why Choose Us?


We are proud to serve homeowners in and around the Auburn area, as well as throughout all of Western Washington. Whether you're looking for plumbing repiping or another plumbing service we offer, you can depend on us to provide complete customer care. You can expect the highest level of professional standards in everything we do.

Other good reasons to choose us for your plumbing repipe project include:

  • We meet or exceed all technical codes
  • Complete respect for our client's home and property
  • Serving you with objectivity, integrity & competence
  • Standing behind all of our work

Whether you're considering partial or full plumbing repiping for your Auburn home, contact us for a free consultation (and free estimates). You can reach us at 800-697-7857.