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Repiping Specialists for the Des Moines Community


As experienced repiping specialists, we know that pipe corrosion is responsible for a wide variety of plumbing problems for Des Moines homeowners. It takes repiping professionals to access the condition of your pipes. Just because you have an older home doesn't automatically mean it's time for repiping your house. However, here are a few things that can happen when your plumbing is on its last leg:

  • The taste or smell of the water does not seem right
  • Pipes make noise when you turn on a faucet
  • Water has become discolored
  • Water pressure is lower in some faucets

The result of plumbing problems can range from simple leaks to devasting water damage in your Des Moines home. Why not schedule a free consultation with one of our repiping specialists who can determine the source of the water supply failure!

When is Repiping a House the Best Course of Action?


Repiping a house in Des Moines is more common than you might think. According to research, over 80% of the homes were built before 1989. It is easier to spot the obvious signs, such as pipe cracks, leakage, wet baseboards, water stains around sinks, or behind a dishwasher.

Repiping a house will also eliminate a health risk. As pipes corrode, harmful metals are leached into your home's water supply. Because many of your plumbing pipes are hidden behind walls or in ceilings, Des Moines homeowners may be unaware of this hidden danger.

As experienced repipe& plumbing professionals, we promote repiping a house in the Des Moines community with PEX type A piping or copper. When you repipe a house, you can take advantage of:

  • Increasing pressure and better water distribution
  • Reducing pipe leaks
  • Heightened protection from water damage
  • Better efficiency of appliances

We are repiping specialists and have the tools, equipment, and experience for either a full or partial repipe project. Call 800-697-7857 today.

Des Moines Plumbing Repiping - Why Choose Us?


We have provided plumbing repiping services to homeowners all over Western Washington. "Total customer care" is what we bring to every plumbing repipe job, and for all of the other plumbing services we offer.

Because our code of ethics concerns our customers, employees, and our social and professional responsibilities, Des Moines residents can be assured choosing us for repiping a house is the right decision.

  • Meet or exceed all technical codes
  • Respect for customer's home & property
  • Render objectivity, integrity & competence
  • Stand behind every service we provide

Whether you need plumbing repiping replacement for all or part of your home, contact our repiping specialists for a free consultation today. 800-697-7857