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Repiping Specialists for the Maple Valley Community


If you are beginning to feel the effects of pipe failure in your home, call for an assessment by one of our repiping specialists serving the Maple Valley community to determine if you are in need of a simple repair, partial, or full house repipe and plumbing.

For older homes that have not been remodeled, it may be a good time to consider whole house repiping by repiping specialists like us who are experienced in removing old galvanized iron, or polybutylene piping

For those involved in a remodeling project, as repiping specialists we highly recommend partial repiping to proactively upgrade pipes that are more than five years old. As repiping specialists and one of the leading repiping companies serving the area,we use only the best material to repipe a house:

  • PEX Type A high-density, flexible polyethylene
  • Highly erosion-resistant copper repiping
  • Combination of PEX-a & copper for whole-house install

Call today with questions for our repiping specialists, or to schedule a plumbing repiping assessment by our repiping professionals!

When is Repiping a House the Best Course of Action?


Repiping a house in Maple Valley built prior to the 1970’s that has galvanized steel or polybutylene piping supply lines is a wise course of action.

As PEX and copper repipe specialists, we recommend repiping a house that has older pipes to prevent serious pipe failure resulting in costly structural damage.

Repiping a house in Maple Valley can solve plumbing problems such as:

  • Rusty or yellow water discoloration
  • Low or decreased water pressure
  • Repeated or multiple water leaks

Call our office to inquire about the best materials to use for repiping a house, to request a repipe cost estimate, or to schedule a certified plumbing repiping specialist for a free inspection and assessment of your plumbing issue.

Maple Valley Plumbing Repiping – Why Choose Us?


When homeowners are experiencing a large number of plumbing issues as a result of corroded pipes, plumbing repiping is the best resolution.

Our process of whole-house plumbing repiping involves removing old piping and installing either PEX-a or copper repiping, or a combination of both based on an assessment of factors such as budgetary concerns and climate conditions.

One of the most frequent questions asked of us is, “how long does it take to repipe a house?”. Normally, we recommend a free assessment by one of our repiping professionals prior to making a time commitment to determine the size of the home, the type of existing piping system, and the recommended type of material for new repipe and plumbing.

Why choose us for plumbing repiping in Maple Valley?

  • We provide the best benefits for your investment
  • Certified technicians and repiping professionals
  • Complete customer care
  • Highest professional standards and Code of Ethics

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