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How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?


We are local plumbing contractors that provide a sewer camera inspection in Kent to identify most any problem within a sewer line.

A sewer camera inspection works by using a tiny flexible camera with a radio transmitter attached to a long, flexible metal cable that is fed through the sewer pipe by a certified technician to find the exact location of the blockage. The camera transmitter sends out a signal to an above-ground receiver.

We provide sewer camera inspection equipment to see all parts of the pipes, corners and lines to pinpoint a leak or clog that may be caused by:

  • Misaligned pipe sections
  • Root intrusion
  • Pipe cracks or corrosion
  • Grease buildup

If you are searching for “sewer camera inspection companies near me” to remove the guesswork of finding a clog or blockage, call us for a quick response service!

Call Plumb Fit, Inc. to request a sewer camera inspection cost in Kent with follow-on sewer lines or sewer lines to septic inspection services!

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Services


As local plumbers with expert certified technicians, we offer a range of sewer services, including sewer line cleaning, sewer line replacement, and cracked or broken sewer line repair in Kent.

Prompt cracked repair or replacement of the sewer line is vital to avoid costly damage. While our goal is to explore all sewer line repair options, there are times when the only choice for homeowners is professional sewer line replacement.

While sewer line repair can become more difficult when ignored, when a major disruption occurs, we can avoid massive yard unearthing with a trenchless sewer line repair in Kent that provides many benefits over traditional methods, such as:

  • Improved time-efficiency
  • Lower sewer line repair cost
  • No extensive excavation needed
  • Works for all types of pipes

Call Plumb Fit, Inc. for professional technicians using a high level of technology and latest techniques to achieve the best results.

Sewer Line Cleaning for Clogged Sewer Drains in Kent


We offer professional sewer line cleaning in Kent to dispose of any sludge that may be attached to the lining of your pipes.

While there are a number of factors involved in the sewer line cleaning process, we may use camera inspection and professional equipment to target obstructions and significant blockages to provide a thorough sewer line cleanout.

These are a few potential reasons that sewer line cleaning becomes a necessity:

  • Tree roots blockage
  • Grease, oil and fats blockage
  • Mud, leaves and other debris accumulation
  • Personal hygiene products blockages

To help prevent the need for sewer line cleaning, we recommend the installation of a catch-all product to prevent hair from entering drains, avoiding disposal of harmful items down the sink drain, and periodic sewer line maintenance.

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