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A toilet may seem simple enough, but this essential piece of sanitary hardware actually comprises many individual components that must work together to function properly. Fortunately, Plumb Fit’s highly trained professionals have the expertise needed to repair your toilet skillfully and affordably. When your commode is out of commission, call on Plumb Fit for the affordable toilet repair Mountlake Terrace, WA and nearby residents depend on.

3 Signs You Need Toilet Repair in Kent, WA

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Plumb Fit provides the expert toilet repair Kent, WA residents need when faced with a plumbing emergency. But how do you know if your toilet is in need of repair? Here are some of the most common symptoms of toilet problems.

Failure to Flush

If you press down on the toilet handle and it doesn’t flush, you may have a clog. Flushing paper towels, sanitary products, or anything that is not biodegradable can clog a toilet. As a general rule of thumb, avoid flushing anything that is not organic waste or tissue paper. Fortunately, most clogs are not too deep in the system and can be loosened with a standard plunger.

Low Water Level

While an overflowing toilet bowl is often a sign that your toilet is clogged, a suspiciously low water level can indicate other types of problems. One possibility is a damaged fill tube, which is the plastic hose responsible for sending water back to the tank after it’s been flushed. When the tube is damaged, the tank may fill with water too quickly, causing the fill valve to stop the flow of water before it adequately fills the bowl. Low water level in the bowl may also be a sign that the fill valve is damaged or out of alignment. Either way, you need the toilet repair Mountlake Terrace, WA residents trust.

Running Toilet

Houses creak and crack and make all sorts of noises. Eventually you tune those sounds out. The sound of a running toilet, however, is one you will want to pay attention to. While it may seem insignificant, a running toilet can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted water over just a short period of time. Common causes of a running toilet include:

  • Flapper seal or flush valve failure
  • Leaky fill valve
  • Corroded toilet handle
  • Too long or too short flapper chain

Whether you’re experiencing one of the three signs listed above or a different issue related to your toilet, don’t hesitate to call for help. You need the expert toilet repair Kent, WA and nearby residents rely on.